Lanigan Ryan Rebrand

September 22, 2021

Starting today, our firm name will be “Lanigan Ryan.” In addition to the name change, we’ve updated our logo, website, social media, and messaging to provide one clear, cohesive brand that accurately reflects the true essence of our firm: a straight-forward group of experts that are committed to providing clients the very best, customized solutions, while not losing focus on the relationships with our people.

The change to our brand look and firm name does not change us at our core – our leadership remains the same and client service teams will stay intact.

What prompted the change? After receiving feedback from our network of friends, family, clients, and internal team, we realized it was time to step back and make some changes to our messaging to express more precisely what sets us apart from our competition, as well as to incorporate your suggestions on how we might enhance the firm and improve your experience with us.

What did we learn from your survey feedback?

  1. You are seeking personal relationships, actionable advice, and technical expertise from your accounting firm.
  2. Our greatest firm strengths are our people, expertise, personal commitment, and relationship-building.
  3. We could serve you better by expanding our expertise, building our team, and continually updating technology.

Although we’re enthusiastic about the alignment of what you are seeking and what we provide, we’re not ones to settle on “good.” Based on your suggestions for firm improvement, we’re hiring new team members, progressing internal training programs, and implementing new technologies to better serve you.

We’re incredibly humbled that we have the support of such wonderful team members, friends, and clients. It is because of your friendship and ongoing partnerships that we can forge ahead in our 30th year of business and make the exciting new changes to our firm brand and upcoming initiatives.

We encourage you to reach out to your Lanigan Ryan friends with any questions or concerns. We deeply care about our people and our community, so we take your feedback very seriously. In the meantime, we will continue to strive for the best in all we do, and cultivate the relationships that we’re so fortunate to have.


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