Remaining Independent Amidst Accounting Firm Acquisitions

October 31, 2023

Amidst a surge of accounting firm acquisitions, Lanigan Ryan’s independent future remains secure. At Lanigan Ryan, we have always believed in the power of personalized care, excellence, and continuous growth. We have worked hard to be a self-sustaining firm over the years in order to adhere to these values.

We understand that big changes in the industry can cause concern. However, we have strengthened our foundation in numerous ways to safeguard our firm’s autonomy, and the sustainability of our core values:

  1. Internal Education and Expertise: What makes us stand out is our strong focus on developing our team members. We invest in their growth, providing the tools they need to excel in their careers. Nurturing internal talent allows us to retain key team members and motivates and equips them to deliver exceptional client service.
  2. Leadership Development: Lanigan Ryan commits to building a strong, capable, and forward-thinking leadership team. The effort to grow this team is rooted in our devotion to lifelong learning. With the right leadership team in place, our firm can navigate the uncertainties of the future.
  3. Agility and Technological Edge: We know that public accounting is changing quickly, so we use technology and innovation to stay ahead. Our agile approach allows us to quickly adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and the market. We understand that challenges are inevitable, but we see them as opportunities for growth and improvement.
  4. People-Centric Philosophy: Our people-first philosophy is at the core of everything we do. We are committed to providing exceptional service and building strong, long-lasting relationships. Rest assured that our dedication to client success, and employee success, will continue to guide every decision we make.

The firm’s strength comes from our dedication to fostering the growth of our team, maintaining agility, and, above all, adhering to our core values. Our succession plan ensures Lanigan Ryan remains independent and not subject to acquisition by larger accounting or consulting firms. This guarantees that our clients will continue to receive the personalized attention and expertise they have come to expect from us.

How Does Our Independence Benefit Our Clients?

Our firm’s commitment to independence brings a host of benefits to our valued clients, starting with a highly personalized experience. Our client service team offers tailored solutions and recommendations that are unbiased by third-party interests.

Furthermore, relationships with our team deepens. There’s minimal bureaucracy, granting you 24/7 access to your dedicated partner and fostering long-term relationships with your service team. Direct access to decision-makers simplifies your interactions with us, expediates the decision-making process, and minimizes the risks to your confidential information.

Moreover, our independence ensures the continuity of service – in people and in process. You can trust the familiar faces on your service team, offering an in-depth understanding of your organization’s unique challenges.

Lastly, a strong sense of partnership underpins our relationship. We understand that your success is intertwined with ours, fostering collaboration and a mutually beneficial partnership. In summary, our commitment to independence translates into a client-centric, reliable, and trustworthy experience, tailored to your unique needs and aimed at cultivating a successful, long-lasting client-firm relationship.

How Does Our Independence Benefit Our Team?

Team members at Lanigan Ryan experience a range of advantages owing to the firm’s commitment to independence. This commitment ensures stability and job security, shielding from market fluctuations and ownership changes.

The firm’s unique culture remains intact, fostering a cohesive atmosphere that promotes alignment, morale, and satisfaction. Team members benefit from ample opportunities for career advancement within this stable environment, providing a pathway to leadership roles. Independence also enhances client relationships by enabling personalized interactions, thereby cultivating trust and satisfaction. The firm’s client-centric approach places a strong emphasis on addressing client needs with tailored solutions, enhancing overall client experiences, and those of our client service teams.

Moreover, team members actively participate in shaping the firm’s strategic decisions, fueling a sense of ownership and pride in the firm’s accomplishments. The firm’s agility and innovative spirit, fostered by its independence, allow team members to engage in cutting-edge projects and stay at the forefront of the industry. The enduring relationships built with peers, mentors, and leaders within the firm contribute to personal and professional growth.

Additionally, minimal bureaucratic hurdles enable team members to focus on core responsibilities and client service, while their contributions directly impact the firm’s success and are duly recognized. The diverse opportunities available across a range of projects foster a well-rounded skill development and a broadened perspective. Ultimately, Lanigan Ryan’s commitment to independence nurtures an entrepreneurial mindset among team members, granting them the freedom to innovate, lead, and shape the firm’s future.

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