Ten Predictions for 2014 Manufacturing Trends

March 27, 2014


Manufacturing Insight

The IDC Manufacturing Insights Group, a global resource for the manufacturing sector, releases its 2014 manufacturing trends. The  report includes the following:


  1. Manufacturers will begin to build 3D value chains.
  2. Operational, information, and consumer technology converge to reshape approaches to technology management.
  3. Operational resiliency will be the focus of supply chain strategies.
  4. Supply chain technology investment will involve modernizing existing systems, while also trying new approaches.
  5. The modernization of the underlying B2B commerce backbone becomes an investment priority for IT.
  6. Product life cycle management (PLM) strategies become increasingly global, multidisciplinary, innovation-based, and customer-focused.
  7. PLM initiatives will focus on value realization.
  8. “Servitization optimization” will be core to future profitable revenue growth and leading manufacturers will make the necessary investments to enable these strategies.
  9. On the way toward the factory of the future, 2014 will set the stage for a new manufacturing renaissance.
  10. Plant floor IT investments will continue to become a higher share of the overall technology investment portfolio.


Source: IDC Manufacturing Insights Group


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