Detecting Fraud in Your Business – Forensic Accounting

January 10, 2015

Forensic accounting… sounds like good fodder for an episode of CSI or Matlock, doesn’t it? Perhaps, but forensic accounting isn’t just for television. In reality, it’s an accounting specialty that’s becoming more and more popular in the business world.


Forensic accountant are professionals who can help resolve disputes involving fraud and testify as an expert witness in a courtroom battle. In an age where securities fraud, shareholder disputes, employee theft, insurance fraud, personal injury claims, and other criminal investigations are running rampant, forensic accountants are not just useful — they’re essential in the business world.

Here are just a few of the tasks that forensic accountants undertake for clients:

Investigate and analyze financial evidence to detect employee theft.
Conduct business investigations that involve funds tracing, asset identification and recovery.
Detect fraud in financial statements through forgery, collusion, missing documents and other factors.
Develop computer programs to help analyze and present evidence in court.
Issue reports, exhibits and collections of documents to assist in legal proceedings

Contact our office to learn more about forensic accounting. You may see it on a TV crime show, but this is a specialty that can also help your company in the real world.


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